ZF 5HP-24A Variations

Generally, this transmission is referred to as the ZF 5HP-24A. It’s the 4×4 version (incorporating the Quattro mechanism) of the rear-wheel drive ZF 5HP-24 as used in the 4.0-and-above liter BMWs and Jaguars made from 1997 or so until 2004 or so. One Range Rover model also used it.

As I understand things, it’s a derivative of the 5HP-30 but beefed up so as to handle the intense torque that these V8 engine generate.

On the Audi Quattros, the 5HP-24A has at least eleven different variations through 2003. Each variation is identified using one of three ways:

  • A ZF Part number
  • An Audi part number
  • A three-letter code

The 5HP-24A was first used on the A8 Quattro 4.2 V8. As to variations, the information below comes from the ZF Spare Parts Catalog, our correspondence with savvy people, and our own in-person observations.

There were three successive variations of the early version of this transmission, respectively identified as:

  • 1058020004 – 01L300041B – “DPZ”
  • 1058020007 – 01L300041D – “DSM”
  • 1058020009 – 01L300041G – “DTE”

The internals of the early version have pretty much everything in common with the later version but the nuances are different enough that mixing parts (internal) or transmissions (as a whole) is not a good idea, according to one ZF guru (who probably would rather not be quoted here).

One way to easily see you’re dealing with an early version is that there are three blue solenoids and five green solenoids at the back of the valve body. (I’m using the phrase “solenoid” loosely since some of these have a more complex function than just turning on or off.)

Ideally, you’ll want to replace the transmission you have with an identically-numbered one if viable. If it’s not, then at least don’t mix early with late versions.

The variations of the late version as used in the A8 Quattro 4.2 V8 are:

  • 1058020014 – 01L300042A – “EDG”
  • 1058020021 – 01L300042N – “FBF”
  • 1058020030 – 01L300042P – “FBG”
  • 1058020033 – 01L300043C – “FUN”

The variations used in the A6 Quattro 4.2 V8 are all late-version:

  • 1058020015 – 01L300041M – “ECF”
  • 1058020018 – 01L30004?? – “FBC
  • 1058020031 – 01L300043A – “FUL”

The variation used in the S6 Quattro 4.2 V8 is late-version too:

  • 1058020029 – 01L300042L – “FBD”

If your transmission has a variation number that doesn’t exactly match the transmission you’re buying from us, we intend to first get an explicit OK from ZF or a ZF distributor as to interchanging.

To see which variation you have, look at the green plate affixed to the transmission, on the driver side, in front of the front drive shaft. It’ll show the ZF part number and the three-letter code, toward the right.