We’ve tried to price our used ZF 5HP-24A transmissions at the same price as commercially available used transmissions, around $1,300 — and then we added in $1,400 of value, total $2,700.

The extra value items are:

  • $500 (pressure regulator renewal) +
  • $300 (no shipping) +
  • $150 (no core charge) +
  • $150 (transmission control computer test) +
  • $300 (service)


  • $1,400 extra-value items

Value is contextual so perhaps you will value some items on the above list higher yet; others might — for you — add no value. Even so, please compare apples to apples when you consider the prices of our units.

Another factor that, we hope, adds value is that you have the additional peace of mind of having driven the vehicle currently containing the partially-renewed transmissions you’d be buying.

The only items we renew are the ones we consider most likely to need renewal urgently: filter, fluid and pressure regulator. If we renewed everything, you’d be paying a lot more — and you wouldn’t have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the last person who touched the great many complex items inside the transmission was likely a formal trained, skilled ZF factory-worker employee. With our transmissions, you have that additional reassurance too.